{December 16, 2011}   In case you’re still confused:

Here’s a really good article explaining exactly what Plan B is, and what has happened with it in the past. Let me reiterate what informed people are saying: It is NOT an abortion pill. It contains the same drugs and hormones as a regular birth control pill, just at a higher dose, in case of emergency. (Such as the condom breaking.) The article goes on to explain that the past is repeating itself, and that Obama has been misinformed.


But for some reason I don’t understand (the reason being stupidity, I guess) people still think it’s a hot topic. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always understand science. It was never my forte in school. And the fact that almost all scientific data is susceptible to change is a little unnerving, I know, but I’d rather base my knowledge and beliefs on something that can admit that it’s wrong, and be willing to change and improve (science) than something that can look the facts in the face and still not believe them because that would throw a wrench into everything else I know and believe (religion).


Knowledge is power, people. Ignorance is bliss, sure, but knowledge is the only way to move forward. Denial gets us nowhere. 


{July 15, 2011}   Abortion Stigma

I found an article from August 2010 about a TV show (“Friday Night Lights”) that discusses abortion. My understanding of it (I’ve never seen the show) was that a teenager asked her principle for help, and the principle provided her with an assortment of information with all of her options. When the girl decided to have an abortion, the principle was held responsible. (Feel free to correct me if you’ve seen the show or read the article another way.)

I really appreciated what FNL did with this episode (or my understanding of it, anyway.) I’m probably going to look it up online to check it out first hand. The article talks about how gutsy it was for the creators to step up and fight the stigma surrounding abortion, and I agree. I think that this could have easily happened anywhere in the country. And, although this certain instance isn’t real, I saddens me that this could actually happen to an accomplished educator who was considering her students rights and options without trying to sway the student with the teacher’s own standpoint/beliefs. Bravo FNL!

From there, I got curious about what sort of information teenagers can find on their own. I remember being a teenager and researching sex and mental illnesses, hiding the search history from my parents, and hoping (and often assuming) that everything I read was accurate and true. But that’s not how the internet works, of course.

So I Googled the word ‘abortion’. I was pleasantly surprised to see that reliable websites popped up on the first page of results. (NARAL, Women’s Med Centers, and of course, Planned Parenthood, all made the first page.) But in between these results I found all sorts of other sites that used intimidating language and skewed facts (mostly by throwing in opinions stated as facts) calling for Pro-Life choices to be the only options available.

I found a woman named Gianna Jessen, a so-called ‘abortion survivor’, who makes public appearances to ‘put a face’ to the crime of abortion. And don’t get me wrong, if I were in her shoes, I would probably feel the same way. But I also can’t help but notice that she was born in 1977, to two 17 year old kids (who were probably scared out of their minds) and the mother was 7.5 months along in her pregnancy. Months!!

My problem with Jessen is that she’s speaking out against all abortions. She’s not taking into consideration the fact that her parents were scared and desperate teenagers, she’s not accounting for the medical practices used in 1977, and the advances we’ve made since then. And she doesn’t address the fact that, at 7.5 months, the mother is in her third trimester, and most doctors would advise against abortion at that point, anyway. (unless their was threat to the mothers life, of course) It’s well past the 50% survival rate (if the baby were born naturally but prematurely after that) and considered ‘viable’. (Viability refers to the point in development where the fetus can survive outside the womb.) So in other words, Jessen was fully formed at the time. Sure, she would have been tiny and would have to be well cared for, involving hospital care  for premature children. 7.5 months is definitely not an ideal time for a baby to be born, but it’s not the same as a first or second trimester baby. And that’s where I feel the problem is.

Without arguing semantics and beliefs of ‘when life begins’, or at what point a fetus becomes a baby, (and not a sea-monster looking thing) I think that abortion is a fine option until the fetus can live outside the womb. And yes, the lines here are vary vague, and I’m not the person that should be deciding where to draw it, seeing as how I have no medical license. But I think there’s a huge difference in aborting at a few weeks and aborting at 7 months.

I digress. The reason I posted the article was because it really upset me that so many laws are being put into place about educational information. It sickens me that, by law, a doctor may withhold information from a patient. Where are women, teens especially, supposed to find the right information? And how do they know who to trust? Everything abortion related has a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice sway to it. And this is one of the biggest decisions that women have to make. Why should anyone with an agenda (one that doesn’t consider any circumstances the mother is in, just that there’s a fertilized egg that might become a life, inside of her stomach) be allowed to speak to these women at this delicate time in their lives? It’s sick!

Whatever happened to giving people the facts and letting them making their own damn decisions???? Why don’t we allow people to think for themselves? Why do we keep them in a little bubble where the truth can’t touch them? It doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t keep them safe. It just makes the people with the agenda’s feel better about themselves.

Kids should learn all the horrible (and dirty) details about sex and health and abortion as early as they can. Maybe then they would be able to really understand what they’re looking at when they face it in the future. Then maybe they could make the right choices, the safest choices for their situation, without all the bullshit stigma that we put them through. Pop the bubbles, take down the safety nets, and start teaching kids the truth.

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