{December 16, 2011}   In case you’re still confused:

Here’s a really good article explaining exactly what Plan B is, and what has happened with it in the past. Let me reiterate what informed people are saying: It is NOT an abortion pill. It contains the same drugs and hormones as a regular birth control pill, just at a higher dose, in case of emergency. (Such as the condom breaking.) The article goes on to explain that the past is repeating itself, and that Obama has been misinformed.


But for some reason I don’t understand (the reason being stupidity, I guess) people still think it’s a hot topic. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always understand science. It was never my forte in school. And the fact that almost all scientific data is susceptible to change is a little unnerving, I know, but I’d rather base my knowledge and beliefs on something that can admit that it’s wrong, and be willing to change and improve (science) than something that can look the facts in the face and still not believe them because that would throw a wrench into everything else I know and believe (religion).


Knowledge is power, people. Ignorance is bliss, sure, but knowledge is the only way to move forward. Denial gets us nowhere. 


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